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Jayalalithaa funds in 18 bogus firms

Bangalore,Oct 3 (TruthDive): Jayalalithaa’s money was parked in 18 companies that were operated by Sasikala and Sudhakaran. The court verdict shows that Jaya Publications and Sasi Enterprises were managed by Jayalalithaa and Sasikala.

The daily Namathu MGR was run by the largesse of Jayalalithaa. Money from this firms were diverted to bogus companies floated by them. The judge said that these firms did no business but only used the funds to buy properties and noted that as much as ten companies were registered in one day, with identical terms and in the same address.

All the 18 companies were formed in 1990-1996. The judge observed that Jayalalithaa said she had no knowledge of the companies that were operated by Sasikala, Sudhakaran and Ilavarasi. He added that when all three lived in the same house with Jayalalithaa, how could she claim that she had nothing to do with them.

He further stated that Jayalalithaa stage-managed a rift with the other three accused but that had no bearing on the case. Ram Jethmalani, counsel for Jayalalithaa had cut short his stay in London to appear before the Bangalore court. He is staying back till October 7 to argue the bail plea.

AIADMK is keeping up the protests and street corner hunger strikes. Many of the markets are yet to return to normalcy in many small towns and the government is losing revenue. Objecting to the bail plea, the government counsel said that once she went back to Tamil Nadu it would be impossible to secure her and bring her back to the jail to complete her sentence.

Meantime, Jayalalithaa continues with her no-meeting-anybody stance in jail. AIADMK is planning to raise the fine amount through public donations. Jayalalithaa has been sentenced for four years’ jail term and Rs 134 crores as fine while her accomplices were fined Rs 10 crore each.