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Telangana toddy shops face many hurdles

Hyderabad,Oct 2 (): Telangana CM’s plan to restart toddy shops tomorrow will mostly be a symbolic gesture. YSR had banned the sale of toddy ten years back. Then it was known as Kallu compounds which were wide open places with tin roofs and operated mostly in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

As the shops closed down, the vacant places have now turned into malls. Those who have spaces are not willing to give for toddy shops since residents’ protest against them will mount. Telangana announced opening of toddy and janata bars from Vijayadasmi day.

As per Excise law of Telangana government, only cooperative society of tappers can run the shops. To get a cooperative society formed and get it operational will take three months. To circumvent this, an ad hoc committee has been formed.

Yet another problem is that Telangana Excise law does not specify the minimum requirement for a toddy shop. IMFL shops can be operated in as less as 200 sq.ft but toddy shops need more space as the stuff is stored in barrels. Toddy drinkers are those who consume it in open areas and not inside the shops.

Congress slammed Telangana CM for going back on many promises it made and being indecisive on issues. It pointed out that KCR who portrays as champions of Telangana went back on the promise to give financial aid to those who laid their lives for the creation of the State.

KCR said that right from 1969, the first agitation demanding statehood for Telangana would be given aid but now he says the cut-off year is 2009 and only 429 families will get assistance. This move is an insult to Telangana martyrs and discriminatory, said the Congress.

Congress president Ponnala said that 5000 schools were closed for regularization and after protests mounted it was opened. FAST, Emacet, vehicle registration, Metro Rail , farm loan waiver and loans for Kharif crops were all stuck due to indecision.