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Seize Jayalalithaa assets and sell to pay fine:Court

Bangalore,Oct 1 (): Jayalalithaa’s properties should be seized and sold to pay the Rs 134 crore fine said the court verdict. It has rejected the prosecution charge of Rs 56 crore and put it at Rs 52 crore. The court says that amounts were remitted into Jayalalithaa’s accounts and were transferred to those of Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran.

The court noted that none of the four had any convincing answer for these transfers. From the money Jayalalithaa acquired, 3000 acres of land were bought and a new house was built near Chennai. This property got from the ill-gotten wealth should be seized and sold to recover it as fine.

Rs 34 crore is the amount incurred by the court to hear the Jayalalithaa’s DA case. More than 100 adjournments and on grounds like LTTE threat and Cauvery dispute were put forward during the trial. The vacation judge had yesterday posted the case for October 6 but pressure from Jayalalithaa’s lawyer Ram Jethmalani made the CJ to ask the judge to hear the bail plea today.

SPP Bhavani Singh presented the order appointing him and Jethmalani presented a 100 page bail application. SPP said that he needs time to study the bail plea by Jayalalithaa. The court said that it would posted before the regular court on October 7. The bail plea cites that the special court had not taken into account the income tax returns filed and not disputed by it.

Yet another development is that as per Karnataka jail manual, a convict cannot be transferred to another State if there is a bail plea pending. Tamil Nadu jail manual has no such provision and hence made an application to shift Jayalalithaa to Chennai.

Sources say that Jayalalithaa did not meet TN CM Panneerselvam and did not even sign the bail plea. Her secertary signed on her behalf. She has refused any special treatment and the offer to shift her to a hospital outside the prison. If she is shifted to a private hospital, then she can meet any number of visitors but under the watch of armed women police officers. The mood of Jayalalithaa seems to sweat it out in Bangalore jail as she earns brownie points as days go by.