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PM Modi wraps up U.S. visit, leaves for New Delhi

Washington DC, Oct. 1 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for New Delhi on Tuesday after a five-day successful visit to the United States.

Prior to his departure, Prime Minister Modi shook hands with his supporters who had gathered at the Andrews Air Force Base here in large numbers.

The crowd kept chanting slogans in support of Prime Minister Modi as he walked towards Air India One.

Prime Minister Modi earlier in the day attended a welcome reception at the U.S. State Department ahead of an official luncheon.

Prime Minister Modi, who was joined by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, made a statement to celebrate the growing ties between New Delhi and Washington DC.

“It is not that India and the US have only met in Mars, now our meeting on Earth at such a short distance from each other has become possible,” said Prime Minister Modi in his address at the State Department.

“You use 120 volts, while I use 220 volts. The difference between 120 volts and 220 volts has to be cut and in this trip we have been able to do that,” he quipped as the gathering burst into laughter.

Prime Minister Modi earlier held bilateral talks with President Barack Obama during which both leaders agreed to deepen the existing ties and scale up cooperation in substantive bilateral, regional and international issues.

Calling for a new agenda in a joint editorial, Prime Minister Modi and President Obama pledged themselves as global partners to enhancing homeland security by sharing intelligence through counter-terrorism and law enforcement cooperation.

Both leaders also said India and the United States will work jointly to maintain freedom of navigation to lawful commerce across the seas. (ANI)