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Durga Puja begins in Siliguri

Siliguri, Oct. 1 (ANI): The much awaited Durga puja festivities kicked off this morning at Siliguri in West-Bengal. The puja, which starts with offering ‘Billo sakha’ (Sasthi Bodon) and ends with ‘Aporajita’, was attended by hundreds of devotees.

A devotee, Mou Mukherjee, expressed his joy by saying, “We all are waiting throughout the year for this day, it is my good luck that I offered my prayers to Devi Durga and now I am ready to enjoy the largest festival of Bengalis.”

On the other hand, Susanta Mukherjee, a priest said, “We began the puja with a welcome prayer to the Devi Durga, coming from Kailash in form of Billo sakha (Sasthi Bodon) and then Kalpo, tomorrow is Saptomi, Astomi, Nobomi, Dosomi and ends with Aporajita, a form of worship.”

Around a thousand such celebrations are being conducted by various organizers across the city of Siliguri West Bengal.

Thousands of people come across from various districts of North Bengal and its outskirts, to visiting the pujas in the city. (ANI)