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MH370 search to enter new phase

Sydney, Sep 30 (): Disappeared Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s search enters a fresh underwater stage this week nearly seven months after the plane went missing. Two specialist vessels will join the hunt.

The search will resume in October as the Australian air safety specialists have narrowed the area supposed to be the jet’s probable last resting place. Analysts say more wide-ranging radar investigation system is required to elude a recurrence of such disaster.

The search will restart with the Australian-sponsored ships undertaking deep sea sonar observations in the Indian Ocean off Western Australia. The two ships that will be sent into the Indian Ocean for searching the missing jet will be Fugro Discovery and Malaysian-contracted GO Phoenix. These comprehensive vessels will be sending in sophisticated sonar systems about 5,000 metres below the sea level to comb the ocean floor with the help of the sound waves, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said.

These systems will be tied up to the vessels by tow chains up to 10 kilometers long and they have been set to identify the biggest portions of the plane that are expected to be in one piece, such as landing gear, fuselage and engines, Peter Foley of ATSB, who is in charge of search operations, said.

If any “abnormalities” are noticed in the region, the vessels will come back to those regions and the pilot of the vehicles will “lower” in that region and would use cameras to have a deep look at the sea bed, Foley said.

The “priority” region of search is centered on the one piece of tough evidence received by the investigators. The evidence is a sequence of short-lived, electronic “hellos” between a satellite and the Boeing.

The new operation to look for the flight MH370 is the most intricate search in history. They may find clues within months. Or they may never find the aircraft.