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Bribe and civic polls haunt Telangana CM

Hyderabad,Sep 30 (): Telangana CM KCR is in a dilemma over the civic polls in greater Hyderabad as their ally MIM has said that it would face a setback.

Telangana CM has been told that the people of Seemandhra who are against TRS and in majority in the capital would turn the tables. Telugu Desam and Congress to an extent will benefit from the polls and Telangana CM would cut a sorry figure.

Telangana government is yet to start the delimitation of constitutencies as ordered by the High Court. KCR is also thinking of dividing the capital in three corporations- Greater Hyderabad – Cyberabad and Secunderbad or increase the constituencies from 150 to 200.

At present, Congress-MIM runs GHMC and in the Assembly polls TD got the most seats in the GHMC limits followed by MIM and BJP. After the Telangana government was formed by TRS, some corporators have defected to TRS. After the survey and some actions like renaming university and refusal to include Seemandhra students in the fee reimbursement scheme, has only furthered consolidate the hatred against TRS. MIM is isolated from this anti-TRS stance since it has the backing of the minority community.

Telangana CM was in for a shock when two MNCs told him HMDA had asked them Rs 5 crore for laying roads to the proposed units that were to come in Mahubnagar. For two years, these MNCs were waiting for permission to start the units.

After Telangana state came into being, these MNCs were hopeful as KCR had put in a practice an industrial policy that expedited clearances. At present, a new industrial policy of Telangana requires 30 department clearances.

KCR who came to launch the construction of Procter and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson was told about the bribe demanded by GHMD commissioner. When KCR checked on the allegation, it turned out to be true. KCR said a new bill would be placed in the coming assembly that would clear all red tapism. KCR has transferred the commissioner and told various heads that Telangana was a new State that is wooing investors and they cannot act as they did in United Andhra.