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Microsoft Chief and Telangana CM’s secret meet

Hyderabad,Sep 29 (): Telangana formation day will be marked by a slum-free Hyderabad scheme being launched on October 3. Telangana CM KCR and Microsoft Nadella had a closed-door meeting lasting for 30 minutes. Telangana will set up a 24X7 helpline for NRIs  After Dussehra, toddy shops will be back after a gap of 16 years.

Nadella’s meeting with Telangana CM was a secret affair with media kept in the dark. As media got wind of it and reached Begumpet, they were not allowed to take any photos. Sources say that Telangana CM sought the help of Microsoft chief who has links with the State to make Hyderabad its hub in India.Telangana CM had outlined various initiatives to make the capital a IT zone and turn it into a smart city. The response has been positive, said sources.

Meanwhile, Telangana CM who visited the IDH colony decided to construct new houses for the slums in the capital. Officials have identified locations where the existing slums would be shifted. In these locations two bedroom flats would come up and each would cost Rs 8 lakh.

Telangana CM has decided Hyderabad would be slum free and has allotted Rs 37 crore for this project. The funds will be sourced from Rajiv Awas Yojana scheme but the Centre’s sanction is needed as it does not give funds for two bedroom apartments.

Congress had put in place an Indiramma scheme for slum rehabilitation and the new Telangana government would scrap it. CID is probing the Indiramma scheme which started in 2004 and constructed houses in 250 villages. The irregularities were noted by CID wing and a report would be given to government.

NRI cell would be on lines of the Kerala and Punjab model. NRIs can call the helpline any time or email the problem they face abroad. Even their relatives back home can inform the cell about the problem that the NRI is facing abroad. Earlier, this cell worked only if there was a problem of mass nature.

Hyderabad residents are angry that government has given permission to reopen toddy shops which were closed in 2008. Many residents have given representations to not locate any toddy shop in their area. Reopening of toddy shops was mentioned in the manifesto of TRS.