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Exclusive Literature News Opinion


Cat-walking the pedestrian cross
Smiling at the red sign post
Half exposed, can say almost nude
Except for the colourful bands
She greets ‘Hello’ to unknown men
One drunken man asks ‘when?’ and ‘where?’
Not knowing she is not a whore,
Not knowing she is a Daydreamer.

She wears sandals on the wrong foot
Goes shopping to buy some fruits
Picks men’s cologne for daily use
The sales girl praises her choice to gift,
Not knowing she is a Daydreamer.

She tries to call her first lover
Dialling again her own number
Talks to herself in the library hall
Searches cookery in the History shelf
Almost enters the Men’s toilet
Not knowing what she is doing,

She takes much care to toast the bread
With pure butter to shine like gold
Makes a sandwich nice smelling
Feeds the dog in her dining
But eats the food bought for dog
Not knowing how it tastes.

She ties the watch dial over the skin
Waiting for a taxi long in vain
Missing the cab stand in the rain
Does she expect a driver handsome?
Or invites cold for care from her mum?

Yes only her mother comes near there
With a flowery umbrella kindly to share

Takes her home a heart warmer.

A mother knows well her daughter.