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BJP lets down Tamil groups in UN again

New Delhi,Sep 29 (): BJP-led NDA has once again defeated the Tamil groups’ move to get the UN backed OHCHR (Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights) probe the war crimes in Sri Lanka.

According to sources, BJP-led NDA told the UN that it had no clear idea behind the composition of the OHCHR and that funding and the methods has not been given to Human Rights Council and on that ground it would not support it and made it clear that this body cannot come to India to start any probe on Sri Lanka. This comes as a slap on the face of pro-Tamil groups that protested the UN speech of Sri Lankan President at the UN.

DMK observed a black flag demonstration and wore black shirts to protest the UN speech. OHCHR had asked Sri Lanka to give permission to probe the human rights violation during the war.

Super powers Russia, China and neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh have signed a memorandum of a like-minded group which includes Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Sudan and South Sudan, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, to the High Commissioner of Human Rights which said that human rights resolutions adopted by the General Assembly does not confer any authority to the OHCHR over the sovereignty of countries.

Interestingly, support of Cuba is a surprise that it has come out openly supporting Sri Lanka, blaming the OHCHR for trying to torpedo the process of reconciliation process that is going on in Sri Lanka.

BJP which has been talking of pro-Tamil sentiments in Tamil Nadu is seen following a different approach in international forums. Dr Swamy’s visit to a convention organized by SL Army came through despite Tamil Nadu unit objecting it. Though BJP allies in Tamil Nadu objected, it has fallen on deaf ears. Diplomatically, Sri Lanka has the support of all neighbours including India to stall the UN probe.