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Ashraf Ghani sworn in as Afghan President

Kabul, Sep 28 (): Ashraf Ghani was sworn in on Monday as the new president of Afghanistan at an official ceremony in presidential palace bringing the 13-year rule of Hamid Karzai to an end, who was ruling Afghanistan since the collapse of Taliban rule in 2001 by U.S-led invasion and marking first peaceful change of power in the history of the nation.

In the oath directed by the chief justice, Ghani said that he would stand by the constitution and other laws and protect their implementation. Ghani thanked former president Karzai for his part in the changeover – including serving to broker a negotiation ending in an uncertain run-off voting.

During the oath ceremony, streets all over the capital city were shut to most of the traffic, and amid fears of rebellious violence, helicopters encircled over the capital.

After the oaths of office, Ghani signed up an exclusive order mentioning Abdullah as the chief executive and Ahmad Zia Massoud as special representative to the presidency. Massoud is the brother of murdered former militia chief Ahmad Shah Massoud, who fought the Taliban and was close to Abdullah.

Following the handover of power, the government of Ghani is likely to sign a joint security pact with Washington that would make way for the U.S. and the allied troops to persist in the nation after 2014 to have training and counter terrorism missions.

The new government will face an economic crisis immediately after taking the power. Already heavily reliant on foreign assistance, Kabul has asked the United States and other donors for $537 million to pay its bills until the end of the year.

Earlier this month, the government of Afghanistan had asked the donor nations to front-load millions of dollars in promised reconstruction money to be able to cover government salaries. Previouly, Ghani has pledged to introduce policy alterations within his first 100 days in office and quickly form an economic council that will meet weekly.