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Andhra looks towards Bihar and Jharkhand

Hyderabad,Sep 29 (): Andhra and Telangana engineering colleges are now depending on agents based in Jharkhand and Bihar to fill up the management quota. Around 25% of the management seats in Andhra colleges and 35% in Telangana are lying vacant. Around 12,000 seats in Telangana colleges have to be filled up by this month end.

Agents have promised to bring students from Bihar and Jharkhand as these two states give scholarship to their students of the SC/ST/ OBC category who opt to study in any state. Around Rs 35,000 is taken as commission for each student by the agencies. Telangana has been the loser as 174 colleges are not allowed to take in students.

The agents have moved over to Andhra colleges where almost 50% of the seats are filled under management and NRI quota. The modus operandi is that the student is issued an expense certificate by which they get the money from their state government. Andhra Colleges’ cut-off date for admission is September 30. It might get extended. Though there is nothing illegal about it, the merit of the applicant comes secondary, says education field observers. This system has long been prevailing in Tamil Nadu and more so in the tech colleges in Chennai.

Andhra colleges are also getting duped as agents take an advance and invite them to Bihar and Jharkhand to the counselling centres. On reaching there, the students and agents are nowhere to be seen.

Telangana CM is adamant that non-Telangana students should not get fee reimbursement from the State coffers. Telangana CM is happy that at least 22,000 seats are vacant since he feels that only students from his state should get the financial assistance.

Meantime, Hyderabad High Court had lambasted Telangana government for discriminating against Andhra as the AP reorganization bill gives equal status to citizens of both states. Andhra has extended the fee reimbursement to Telangana students.

KCR is now looking into Chattisgarh education rules which he claims has a provision to give financial assistance to only natives of their state.