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The phenomenal growth story of RSS

New Delhi,Sep 28 (TruthDive): RSS is slowly attracting new recruits numbering 7000 per month through online registration.

Last year, it was 2500 and the year before it was 1000 who registered online. Now if you think that Modi’s victory is the reason for the youth to join the Hindu outfit, then you are wrong.

In July this year it had 39,000 shakhas (training places), that is two months after Modi became PM. Growth has been peaking even before Modi came on to the national platform. Figures show that 34,000 shakhas rose in 2012 to 37,000 in 2013 and now to 39,000.

RSS is a 89-year-old organisation, known to be identified as holding conservative views and more as a moral police. Led by an octogenarian Mohan Bhagwat,it is said to be the guiding force of BJP.

Ten years ago, RSS at one time had 43,000 shakhas that gradually started to drop as many shakhas wound up due to lack of patronage. Youths who were employed had little time to attend the shakas conducted early morning and evening. It was then decided that it needs a makeover. The ‘Join RSS’ link on its website became a hit.

Many think RSS’ strength was the reason for Modi to be propelled to become PM. But, the Sangh Parivar points out that if that was the case then it should not have any shakha in Kerala since BJP has no MLA or MP.

In Kerala, shakas outnumber BJP offices. One fallout of the Modi campaign was that RSS got publicity and media wrote about the organization and the man who leads it. Frequent visits by BJP top brass during the campaign to get directions from its president on many decisions did give it an aura. The use of IT has helped the organization as anyone registering with the website gets a visit from the Sangh Parivar.

In big cities, it organizes meetings for new recruits at a common place. In colleges, the student wing of BJP holds camps for those who are sangh members. In IT hubs, IT MILAN is held for the professionals to take part in shakhas. Though many hate RSS for its Hindu Rashtra, views on Muslims and Love Jihad, it has attracted many for the radical views.