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Murder accused gift to Rajnath Singh creates row

Thiruvananthapuram,Sep 28 (): Rajnath Singh is now caught in a turban controversy.

Rajnath Singh’s first visit to Kerala as Union Minister with an aim to boost the morale of BJP workers in Kannur district after a ghastly murder of a Sangh Parivar member by CPM men has landed in a turban controversy.

Rajnath Singh prayed at the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in the capital and after coming out he changed his dress. At that time, a RSS worker put a turban on the head of Rajnath Singh in the presence of NSG and Kerala police.

Later, it turned out that the RSS worker is facing a court trial as first accused in the murder of CPM youth wing worker in the city. The trial is yet to begin. As investigation unfolded, it turned out that a top BJP leader got NSG to clear the turbanising of Rajnath Singh saying that a RSS man wanted to show his gratitude.

As NSG cleared it, Kerala police did not tell them that the man in question is a murder accused. The turban was specially got from Hyderabad for BJP’s Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha candidate for crowning him on his victory. The candidate lost to Shashi Tharoor. As the RSS worker did not want to wait for the next Lok Sabha election, he decided to present it to Rajnath Singh who has been finally named as number two and authorized to take decisions in the absence of PM Modi.

Rajnath Singh warmed the hearts of RSS-BJP workers and also the Congress. Singh said that the murder case of a BJP worker in Kannur would be handled by CBI. He said that CBI had accepted the case and soon an order will be issued.

Congress which runs the state Home ministry too heaved a relief as in an earlier controversial case of CPM workers bumping off an ex-comrade saw Kerala police giving the accused many facilities in jail like access to mobile phones and internet to make posts on FB. Many of the witnesses backtracked and several of the accused went scot-free. Now that CBI will take up the case, such gaffes will be avoided and Congress will be spared of having messed up the case.