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Egypt court postpones Mubarak’s verdict to Nov.29

Cairo, Sep 28 (): An Egyptian court on Saturday has postponed the verdict in murder retrial of earlier president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak, in its latest turn in the lawful battle related to the overthrown autocrat.

Hosni Mubarak is suspected for involvement in the slaughter of protesters at the time of January 2011 revolution that ousted him. The former president, ex-Interior Minister Habib Adly and his two sons are charged for ordering the slaughter of more than 800 peaceful activists in the revolution.

Now, the Criminal Court of Cairo has postponed its verdict to November 29. During a televised trial, Chief Judge Mahmoud Kamel el-Rashidi said that the case had 160,000 papers totally, and reading all the papers was taking time. The judge said that they had written 60% of the reasons for the verdict but still the process has not ended, and that was the reason for postponing the verdict.

Also, the court screened a small documentary film showing all 160,000 papers which were collected in two rooms from the residence of the judge.

Both Mubarak and Adly were sentenced to be in prison for life in 2012 after being found guilty in the happening but subsequently an appeals court ordered a retrial. Several Egyptians who were through his crony capitalism and autocracy considered the sentencing a victory to see Mubarak behind bars. But, the verdict was reversed on technical issues.

For about 30 years, Mubarak had ruled Egypt before being overthrown in the revolution.

The retrial currently going on started in April 2013, and the retrial has been postponed several times then. A number of witnesses have transformed recently their court evidences in favour of 86-year-old Mubarak.

Reports say many Egyptians seem to have found no curiosity in the destiny of their former leader who ruled the country for about three decades. Already, he is serving a three-year prison sentence for misuse of public funds.