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Top five tips to get Kate Middleton’s flawless looking blow-dried hair

Melbourne, Sept 27 (ANI): Kate Middleton’s hairdresser Richard Ward has given out his top five tips behind the 32-year-old Duchess of Cambridge’s flawless looking blow-dried hair.

Ward, who has been looking after the Middletons for the past eight or nine years, said that he would love to say it is all down to him, but she (Kate) does have amazing hair, which is easy to achieve, the Daily Telegraph reported.

He, who is excited to be in Australia with television shopping channel, TVSN, to launch his self-titled haircare products, added that people rough dry their hair far too much, so they need to start blow drying their hair from 80 per cent wet.

The second step is all in the product application, like spending a few extra seconds sectioning hair and then applying the product in individual sections, followed by using a serum or argan oil in small sections.

According to the famous hairdresser, it is important to have a good quality brush, like a real boar bristle brush, that would help getting frizz free glossy looking hair and his last tip is to use a nozzle on the blow dryer when blow drying the hair. (ANI)