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Rs 1 lakh crore for Andhra capital

Hyderabad,Sep 27 (): Andhra’s capital will come up at a cost of Rs 1 lakh crore according to the cabinet subcommittee. It has ruled out Nuzvid as Andhra capital since it is a steep forest area.

The committee said that the Andhra capital should be situated on river banks starting from Vijayawada-Guntur-Tenali and Managalagiri (VGTM) urban development authority. The cost is Rs 1 crore for developing one acre of land and one lakh acre of land has to be acquired. The development of one acre includes laying roads, drainage and parks.

To make Andhra capital the best in India, planners from abroad have been invited to lay down the plan. Phased acquisition of land is needed and in the first phase is acquisition of 25,000 acre of land and 6.80 acre is within VGTM where the outer ring road is of 184 km long.

The 20 lakh acre which is within VGTM would start and within six months it would be completed. In another six months, construction of Andhra capital will start and the first phase will see the construction of Raj Bhavan, Secretariat, High Court and Assembly buildings within a deadline of three years.

Andhra’s cabinet subcommittee will meet Krishna and Guntur district Collectors to decide on the ratio of land that will be given back to landlords who have given their land under pooling system. 22 to 29% of lands were given back to landlords in newly developed cities like Chandigarh, Gandhinagar and Nai Raipur. IG registrations and officials will be attending the panel meet.

The landlords will be given the land which will be developed and sources say that 40% of the land taken will be given back. This will fetch ten times more than the price of land than it was offered. Andhra government by this scheme does not have to shell out money for land but need only spend on development.

Landlords who instead of making money now will get ten times more as they get back developed land. Andhra panel is also considering giving a rent of Rs 25,000 per acre till the area is given back.