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Madras ~ Exclusive Review

 Madras ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Sep 27 (): Madras, the much-anticipated movie hit screens day before with a booming response from the Kollywood audience.

The movie opens with a short flashback in slum narrating the honour killing between two minor groups for power. The power of the group is determined by the number of housing board walls with their posters on it.

This continues in the second generation as well where our lead Kaali (played by Karthi) gets into it co-incidentally and then the movie takes a turtle turn with a series of action packed screenplay. The movie has a few promising nail-biting twists and turns that pull you to the verge of the seat.

Kaali is a software professional leading a happy life and his buddy Anbu (Kalaiarasan) being a social and party worker;he solely works on acquiring the wall back from their rival Kannan. At a point in time, as expected, Anbu is being murdered, Kaali falls in love with his pair Kalaiyarasi (played by Catherine Terasa) the same time. Kaali is in turmoil to choose between love and revenge.

 Madras ~ Exclusive Review

The romance sequences are enjoyable in the first half, whilst they become mood kill in the second half killing the fast pace in screenplay. There are a few flawed elements too but seem to be trivial compared to the gritting plot revolving around the slum.

The director has concentrated on the real life incidents and done his homework well which is quite visible on screens.

Director Ranjith supersedes his previous work, ‘Attakathi’ with Madras. The plot is gripping and keeps its fast pace until the romance sequence post interval. The background score is appealing while the choreography is appalling. I have no clue what the blue boys’ crew is doing their rap stage floor moves in slum streets!

 Madras ~ Exclusive Review

Karthi has done justice to his role, Kalaiarasan blends in well in his role. The only character out of sync is our lead actress Catherine who remains naïve and has the mature looks. There is an interesting character named Johnny who elicits natural laughter with his fluent unflawed witty dialogue deliveries.

VerdictA gripping tale of pride, honour, petty politics, betrayal, revenge and love worth watching in cinemas.