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Telangana power situation gets worse

Hyderabad,Sep 26 (): Telangana State is facing an acute shortage of power as yesterday it fell short of 33 million units leading to outages. The situation is grim as per Telangana Genco since there is no scope for increasing power generation or buying power.

It has further been hit by the Supreme Court order on cancelling coal blocks. Telangana power generation capacity is 127 million units (MU) but it now has a demand for 160 MU. The demand is high as the farmers are using power to draw water for the Kharif crop and for next 15 days it will continue. After this the demand is expected to be less but again as Telangana witnessed a deficit rainfall, farmers will take to drawing ground water for rabi crop sowing.

AP reorganization bill had given Telangana the major share of power generated within Andhra. Telangana does not have any power generation unit of its own and manages from 53 MU from thermal and hydroelectric unit, 57 MU from central and independent power units and 20 MU bought from private producers.

Till the Power Grid finishes the laying of second line to enable power surplus states in the North to sell it to South, Telangana will have to wait. Telangana Genco has improved the efficiency of the thermal plants by 44% .

The Jurala Hydel unit that generates 250MW is fully submerged under flood waters and will function only next March. Tadacheri coal block that was to supply coal to Kakatiya Phase 2 has been cancelled by Supreme Court, compounding power woes.

Telangana was hopeful of starting power generation of Kakatiya 2 from August 2015 and now it will seek SC permission to get coal from other sources. AP Mineral Corporation JV with Odisha and a coal block in MP have been cancelled by SC.

Meanwhile, the CM says that top brass should not speak in English and instead communicate in Telangana dialect to junior officers and while addressing the public. CM KCR says that people from interior parts are not able to understand the projects that the government is doing for them.