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Iraq reveals Isil plan to attack NY subway and Paris Metro

New York, Sep 26 (): The prime minister of Iraq unveiled “believable” intelligence about a terror plan to attack the public transport in France and the US. Taking into account the warning of the prime minister, Paris and New York have increased security on their subway train systems.

Haidar al-Abadi, the premier of Iraq, who is taking part in the United Nations general assembly in New York told journalists that the militants of Islamic State who were caught in Iraq had revealed details of plans involving French and American jihadists.

Police had tightened safeties on Paris and the U.S. subways, but Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo said there was no definite or believable threat to the biggest subway system of the nation currently.

Inspection of bags is going on at some subways, bomb-sniffing dogs are deployed along with the surveillance teams, officers are doing extra check-ups on subway stations and are working overtime, said the Police Commissioner William Bratton. But, the Mayor and the Governor both took trains on Thursday to send a message of watchful safety.

While security all over the city and safety in its transportation arrangement was heightened already for the United Nations General Assembly meeting, more officers are being positioned while law enforcement considers what the Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi told reporters on Thursday.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also announced increased safety across the state, mentioning increased movement by the overseas terrorist groups. More uniformed officers are being added at transportation centers and on trains, and security is being intensified at the bridges, ports and tunnels of the area, said the governor.

Nearly 5.5 million passengers use the city subways daily, and the people of New York have experienced many notices of probable terror schemes since Sep. 11 attacks. A subway rider Mike Connell said he felt comfortable with the steps officials were taking.