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Telangana sticks to cut-off date for FAST

Hyderabad,Sep 25 (): Telangana government is determined to implement FAST that gives financial assistance to students whose parents were residents of the State from November 1956.

The High Court had slammed the Telangana government for the order saying that it was against the unity and secessionist in nature. The High Court had said that if it okayed the Telangana order, then it would be abetting an act that is not only unconstitutional but also threatens the unity of the country.

The court pointed out that the Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana cannot be limited to only residents of the State from November 1956 since the Presidential Order that bifurcated undivided Andhra clearly spells out the citizen status for those staying in Telangana and asked why it was taking a parochial stance. Telangana’s AG said that lack of funds was the reason and the court said that the scheme can be scrapped.

Telangana CM KCR has now asked the legal department to study the Supreme Court verdicts on such issue before filing a counter affidavit three weeks later. They were told that newly formed States like Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand had such norms which differentiate between locals and non-locals and this was ratified by the SC.

Telangana CM has told the officials not to lose heart and that the court will give the final reply only after hearing the counter affidavit three weeks later. He even said that Telangana can seek Supreme Court advice on this matter.

Andhra on the other hand has asked for setting up the universities functioning in Telangana in their state. The Telugu university, Ambedkar open university, arts and architecture university are functioning under tenth schedule of the constitution. Andhra wants to open new universities in the same name in their state and asked for the requirement of land etc.

Telangana renaming Agricultural University had sparked a row with Andhra crying foul. Now it has decided to set up the universities afresh in their state and concept papers are being readied.