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Mangalyaan,Sardar Patel and scams

New Delhi,Sep 24 ():Mangalyaan victory is celebrated by Indians all over the world. India has achieved what a super power achieved and that too at one-ninth of the cost. The total cost of the project is Rs 450 crores which includes a tracking station that can be used in future.

As TV channels are raving about the success of Mangalyaan, sometime back, a discussion kick started by a former ISRO director Madhavan Nair saying that the project is a sheer waste of money and was not going to serve any purpose as US MARS mission had already proved that there is no life on that planet. The money should instead be spent on GSLV was the argument.

A former member of National Advisory committee said India spending Rs 400-500 crores on Mangalyaan was insulting the millions of poor who went to sleep on an empty stomach. Western economists said that India’s Mangalyaan was nothing but the elites’ delusion of being a superpower. He argued that duplicating already what US has done serves no purpose.

UR Rao, former ISRO Chairman countered it by saying that on Diwali day, India spent Rs 5000 crores to send rockets. Utter nonsense and moonshine were the words used to describe Mangalyaan. US spent Rs 4085 crores for its Mars mission.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the big ticket projects in India. Sardar Patel Statue which wuld be world’s biggest is earmarked Rs 2500 crores. A national institute to train coaches is earmarked Rs 250 crores. In 2013 budget when Mangalyaan was given Rs 250 crores, defence was given Rs 2,02,999 crores. In the same budget, amount for Science sector was Rs 6000 crores which is 3% of the defence budget.

Let us see the money that our netas pocketed through scams. Rs 1,85,591 crores for Suresh Kalmadi and company in the Asian Games scam, A Raja and party colleagues took Rs 1,76,000 crores from 2G spectrum sale, UP food grain scam is Rs 35000 crore and Wakf land deal in Karnataka is Rs 35,000 crore. Common man’s tax evasion amounts to Rs 31,000 crore.

Hollywood film ‘Gravity’ on space travel cost Rs 600 crore. US Mars mission headquarters spends Rs 15,000 crore annually. Russia and Europe space agency have earmarked Rs 7000 crore for its Mars mission. China and Japan lost crores in their failed Mars Mission.

Mangalyaan is a slap on the face of the western media that laughed at India for indulging in such luxuries. India now joins the US-Russia- European Union club. Let’s raise a toast to the hero, Radhakrishnan. A man who learnt Carnatic music and Kathakali after joining ISRO went on to give concerts and performed before the audience, is probably humming a raga and thinking of the colours to paint his face for a Kathakali performance to relive the stress.

A man of few words, Radhakrishnan is India’s pride and hero of the global scientific community!