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New ISI Chief for solving border dispute by US effort

New Delhi,Sep 23 (TruthDive): ISI’s new Chief appointment has pleased NSA Chief Ajit Doval. Pakistan intelligence agency ISI seen anti-Indian and mastermind behind many terror attacks has a new Chief Lt. Gen. Rizwan Akhtar.

The reason for India to feel pleased is that six years ago Akhtar who was then at the US War College had advocated for a rapprochement with India and said US should broker a deal over Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan.

The 30 page report that was posted in the college website said that if the border problem with India were solved, it would free a chunk of the army to be deployed in other areas to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Akhtar who noted that some measures taken by Pakistan and India seem to show that another war was not likely to happen. He said US should understand that its moves like the nuclear deal with India had a big impact on the Pakistan population who feared for their security. This in turn affects US-Pakistan ties. He cites the mediation efforts by US during the Kargil incident and both countries rushing troops to the border which was defused by the super power.

NSA Ajit Doval was happy that the present ISI Chief had at least once had a view that it was necessary to go in for a border settlement and that he was pro-USA. However Ajit Doval also knows months after the report was posted that the Mumbai attacks masterminded by ISI took place.

NSA and RAW point out ISI had all along been using Indian Mujahedeen instead and keeping Lashkar-e- Taiba in control. Pakistan observers say that ISI is preoccupied with problems in the western borders and once that is over, it would turn to Indian border.

ISI has not given up on using non-state actors for terror attacks on India to cover up their role. Analysts say that Nawaz Sharif was assured that the new ISI Chief is apolitical as his government is facing a violent opposition.

Sources say that Lt.Gen Naveed Zaman was choice of PM Nawaz Sharif but the Army Chief picked Akhtar even though he does not have a background in intelligence. Army Chief feels that Akhtar’s knowledge of insurgency in the country is the need of the hour and that ISI policy on India is well oiled and will be business as usual.