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Deepika Padukone starts Times bashing spree

Chennai,Sep 23 (): Deepika Padukone for many media houses has emerged as the rallying point to do a Times of India (TOI) bashing on the cleavage picture controversy.

The latest is that the newspaper in a report on celebs who died in accidents reported that Sonali Bendre’s brother and uncle died in a car crash. It had a picture of the actress in tears. Condolences poured in and the actress and her husband had to tell everyone that it was not their relatives.

Now, after all the national media houses and their TV channels finished their TOI bashing and Deepika Padukone speaking for her right to show her cleavage and how bold she was in taking on the TOI (It runs the prestigious Filmfare awards), TOI decided to defend itself. This defence has started yet another round of TOI bashing.

The latest to wake up to Deepika Padukone issue is ‘The Hindu’. It has criticized the ethics of TOI and how it should apply uniform norms for all its media ventures including the portal. The Hindu says that TOI should not have made fun of Deepika Padukone, terming it as a publicity stunt.

The Hindu says that TOI looking at the cleavage of Deepika Padukone in a lusty manner when the shawl fell down was downright bad journalism. It was an open letter to TOI. Incidentally in Chennai, where The Hindu is the market leader saw TOI did not publish the letter to Deepika Padukone.

Similarly, Deccan Chronicle in Chennai Chronicle had another write-up on the Deepika Padukone episode blasting TOI. Though some co-stars have tweeted in support, it has to be seen whether they will boycott the awards.

While clips of SRK’s forthcoming film in which Deepika Padukone’s hot pole dance is watched avidly by netizens, Narendra Modi decided that he has to step in to save Doordarshan and AIR. He did his bit by taking only these two media with him on his diplomatic trips abroad.

Meantime, after DD newsreader called Xi as eleven, Modi felt that Javedkar was not innovative enough. So from now on, all announcements from ministers will be first put out as Breaking News on DD and AIR. This is expected to wean away audience from the private channels, whom Modi feels is profiting by breaking news of his ministers’ announcements.

Whether this breaking news formula and exclusive interviews to DD and AIR will make it break or make remains to be seen. The man who claims was instrumental in Modi putting this formula in place is Malayalam actor Suresh Gopi who met him even before he became PM. It has to be seen whether Gopi will now offer satellite rights of his forthcoming films only to DD Malayalam.

Mohanlal was piqued that Asianet MD considered being close to him, did not turn up at the hospital when he was admitted. At the same time, Mata Amritanandamayi turned up and hugged him. Result is that all his forthcoming films will be given to Amrita TV.

Down south, Kollywood is witnessing a media war launched by Tamil Film Media Federation. It has all the Tamil websites coming together to wage a war on Tamil film industry’s trade bodies. The Federation has gone on a boycott of film functions and blackout of those leaders who put out a list of 30 media entities that are now allowed to report on Tamil films.

As there is no agitation without political background, Federation supporters say that their report on a film produced by Vendhar Movies on LTTE Prabhakaran’s son was criticized for showing the freedom fighter’s son in military fatigues. They also questioned the veracity of the director who claimed that he sneaked into Sri Lanka and shot the film.

Vendhar Movies’ owner himself plays Prabhakaran. This movie project was helmed by T Siva, who was one time a successful producer and now working for Vendhar. Actress Sona had cast allegations of cheating by Siva who collaborated with her in a production venture. Now, Siva according to federation members hit back at the websites by getting all the trade bodies to throw them out.