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Hyderabad losing sheen, says Telangana

Sep 22 (): Telangana has told the Finance Commission that flight of business towards Andhra Pradesh is taking place in large numbers. This will affect tax revenues like VAT and revenue on other means.

Telangana has officially confirmed that 3000 businesses like dealers, traders and other businesses are shifting out and moving towards Andhra. It has not given any reason for the flight of the capital from Telangana. It also says that Hyderabad was developed by a united Andhra is a myth.

Telangana report says tax collected in Hyderabad was on products sold throughout Andhra and now is not so that will bring down the revenue drastically. In undivided Andhra, share of Hyderabad was only 44 %, says Telangana.

Telangana says that it is a myth that Hyderabad has a huge revenue potential. It further points out eight districts are drought hit and have no potential for revenue while other two districts have a drop in revenue after the bifurcation.

The TS government has said that number of visitors coming to Hyderabad have come down drastically as petroleum dealers have reported drop in sales. Many commodities which were sold in Hyderabad have shown a drop resulting in revenue loss for Telangana.

TS is not able to release a 100 day achievement report, a practice followed by Central and State governments. The reason is that many departments do not have heads with many of them looking after two-three departments. These heads do not have adequate clerical staff to assist them. Only four of the TS ministers are active. Others are mostly in their districts and not in Hyderabad.

TS CM has approved the proposal from L&T to construct a world-class police commissioner office in eight acre land in Banjara Hills. This comes after KCR was upset over L&T leaking a letter to the media about the delay in Hyderabad Metro Rail due to TS  government apathy and that it wanted to opt out.

TS will also build camp offices for DGP, Chief Secretary and Police Commissioner in the land located in front of judge’s quarters.