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Andhra Pradesh government land worth Rs 4K cr unprotected

Hyderabad,Sep 21 (): Andhra Pradesh government land worth Rs 4000 crores is lying without any protection.

A survey report says that 5000 acres of Andhra Pradesh government land spread over 13 districts has no fencing or boundary. There is not even one board that says the land belongs to Andhra Pradesh. The survey points out that as Andhra Pradesh is hunting for land for many projects, this land should immediately be taken over.

As land prices are shooting up, the survey says that realtors would take possession of these properties and Andhra Pradesh government will be embroiled in litigation. Guntur which is an area where the capital is to come up itself has Rs 150 crore worth land that belongs to Andhra Pradesh but lying unclaimed.

Urgent fencing or constructing compound walls by civic bodies to see that it is protected should take place. Kurnool followed by Srikakulam and Chitoor have the highest number of government lands that is unprotected. Vijayawada has only 31 acres and Guntur 351 acres of land that belongs to Andhra Pradesh government. Officials say that Rs 43 crores is needed to protect these lands.

Andhra Pradesh MPs’ meeting held in Vijayawada showed that BJP did not share the TD party leader’s plan for a capital city on a big scale. State president said that only 1000 acres is needed to construct Andhra Pradesh capital.

Assembly and Secretariat need only be built and others can come up in other parts of the State. He said that there was no need to acquire farmers’ fertile lands for Andhra Pradesh’s new capital. The meeting was for TD and BJP MPs to discuss about the proposed Andhra Pradesh capital and various developmental projects. The meeting saw two unexpected participants.

Araku MP Geetha and Nandyal MP PSY Reddy, both of them are from opposition MPs from YSRC. The MPs said that there was nothing wrong as they were only attending for the sake of their constituency. TD MP Diwakar Reddy said that in six months’ time, all YSRC MLAs would join TD.