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Why China refuses to back off from Indian soil

Srinagar,Sep 20 (): China and Indian Armies’ stand-off continues but with lesser number of soldiers even after Xi left.

China refused to retreat in Chumar even as Xi asked them to; it has stationed around 30 soldiers atop a hillock saying that its troops are within their territory and that Indian troops have intruded six km inside its territory and stopped construction of a road.

Given this situation, the Indian Army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) will stay in their positions on the mountaintops in Chumar and in Demchok. The Chinese Army is backing its shepherds who are protesting India’s construction of a canal. Indian shepherds too have pitched their tents in a face-off and the Indian Army has been standing with them.

Demchok is the area where shepherds on both sides use for sheep and as cold sets in, the Chinese go back but this time they had put up protest banners and staying back on the ground that the canal construction will take away the grazing ground.

Indian Army says that the canal work has been going for six years. As Xi who is also in command of China’s PLA asked them to ease off , India sees that only a diplomatic solution can only solve the stand-off. China is at a disadvantage as it has no roads leading to its outposts and their move to build a road has been stalled by Indian Army.

China is air-dropping food to their troops engaged in the face-off with Indian troops at a 500 meters distance. Two days ago, it was only 100 meters.

China and India’s armies are to have a joint exercise in Bathinda in two months. Last May, a face-off took place in Depasang valley but in November they both had a joint military exercise. Speedy mobilization of troops by India took China off guard. Roads on the Indian side have come as a boon.Usually the reaction is slow but this time China had to rush in troops as Indian army had a battalion coming in no time to face a 100 odd PLA men.