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Scotland to stay with United Kingdom, “No” tops with 55% votes

Edinburgh, Sep 19 (): Scotland has decided to be a part of the United Kingdom after the voters rejected independence decisively.

In the historic independence referendum of Scotland, more than half of Scotland’s 32 local authorities declared, the Better Together camp supported by Prime Minister David Cameron and the main UK parties had reaped 55 per cent of the vote, while the “yes” campaign led by Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond had received 45 per cent of the vote. 1,877,252 votes were cast on the “No” campaign, while “Yes” group garnered 1,512,688 votes. A total of 1,852,828 votes are wanted for a win in the vote.

The vote turnout for the historic independence poll of Scotland is the highest ever in the United Kingdom, for a vote that could break up the centuries-old union. The referendum is the finale of a two-year movement. And the victory margin is nearly three points more than that of the anticipated results delivered by the last opinion polls.

The biggest city of Scotland, Glasgow voted for Yes, but the result was not sufficient to alter the situation,; the first city to declare “No” was Clackmannanshire. Voters of Western Isles, Shetland, Orkney and Renfrewshire also voted against independence. Dundee, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire voted for “Yes” campaign.

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, voted against independence showing the results as 194,638 to 123,927. Aberdeen City received over 20,000 votes to win the “No” campaign. There have also been huge victories for pro-UK movement in many other areas, according to TheHouseShop.com website.

Now, talks will start on transferring more powers to Scotland. The prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron had vowed greater powers for the parliament of Scotland in a final bid to sway voters to be in union, prompting the politicians in his Conservative party to call for the same treatment for England.

Cameron is expected to react to the decision of Scotland in a live televised address following the declaration of final result.