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Bang Bang title track : Hrithik Roshan pays tribute to Michael Jackson

Mumbai, Sep 19 (): The newly-released title number from action thriller, Bang Bang starring Hrithik Roshan shows his rocking dance moves on the floor and pays tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

But, the Bollywood actor said he had added a dash of his own style to the number. Showing off his sexy muscled body, Hrithik makes his dance moves with ease. ‘Bang Bang’ director Siddharth Anand asked the actor to outdo the moves of ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson for the title number. Hrithik said he denied to perform this initially as he thought it would be impossible to dance like MJ without rehearsing for months.

At the launch event of the title track, Hrithik said he thought dancing like MJ was a bad idea as it was an impossible task and it needed months to rehearse to match up to his steps. MJ is the God of Dance, the Bang Bang actor said and MJ had been someone whom he had idolized all his life.

Then, Hrithik had decided to dance like the pop singer, as it would be a way to show his love and respect for him. He said he thought it did not matter how he danced or how he matched up the steps but he had to this for the man he loved and who was responsible for Hrithik’s career in dance.

The actor concluded saying he had done the moves in his own style. The steps are MJ’s but the style is all Hrithik’s. Hrithik added when one does something for love, he sets himself free.

The song is an out-an-out dance and party track. The video of the song also features Katrina Kaif. High on glamour, Hrithik and Katrina have danced to the title track with much involvement and enthusiasm.

Produced by Fox Star Studios, ‘Bang Bang’ releases on October 2.