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India-China establish joint working groups in films, broadcasting

New Delhi, Sept. 18 (ANI): Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar met a Chinese delegation here today following which the two sides agreed to establish joint working groups in films and broadcasting.

Minister, State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Cai Fuchao, after the meeting said that the two sides had very pleasant and fruitful discussions on ways to promote cooperation between the two countries in radio and TV.

“As an effort to promote cooperation between the two countries in films, radio and TV and in the framework of the general relationship between the countries we have established joint working groups in films and broadcasting and these joint groups will work hard and promote the cooperation in respective areas,” said Cai Fuchao.

“Both China and India are ancient countries with very enduring and splendid history and cultures and we have a lot in common and lot to exchange with each other and there is great potential in our cooperation. We will have very concrete progress in the exchange programs in the export of each others’ films and exchange of personnel and share of technical information,” he added.

Javadekar on his part said that they have charted out the plan to take co-production treaty forward with active cooperation.

“Indian people are so much adaptive that they like the world of music and cinema , which have a source in Asian civilization. Our Indian audience will definitely like Chinese music and Cinema.. They love Jackie Chan but they love many other Chinese films also and therefore this will grow in both TV and cinema in the world also,” said Javadekar.

India and China today signed an agreement on audio-visual co-production. The agreement would enable the producers from both countries to get an opportunity to pool their creative, artistic, technical, financial and marketing resources to co-produce films. (ANI)