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Obama expands U.S. role fighting against Ebola

Washington, Sep 17 (): President Barack Obama called the deadly Ebola epidemic of West Africa as an impending danger to the global safety and pronounced a major extension of the role of U.S. in trying to stop its spread; furthermore he has also deployed 3,000 troops in the region.

The president has sent out 3,000 U.S. military employees to the region in emergency assistance for a disaster spiralling out of control. Now, the question that arises is whether the support would be sufficient and was it coming at the right time. The World Health Organization predicts that with many people spreading the virus now, the number of Ebola cases could start to double in every three weeks.

Obama after having a meeting with the officials from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University and doctors in Atlanta said that if the outburst is not made to halt now, hundreds of thousands of people will be affected, which would definitely need intense security, economic and political inferences for all of us.

As per the plans of Obama, 3,000 troops will be sent to West Africa and the troop will include medical personnel and engineers. A regional command and control center will be established in Monrovia, capital of Liberia and the center will be controlled by Major General Darryl Williams, who arrived there on Tuesday. The center will form a staging region in Senegal to aid distribute employees and help them on the ground. The officials said it would take about two weeks to get U.S. forces on the ground.

Obama has also called on several other countries to quickly join in supplying more equipment, money and health workers. By day’s end, the administration asked Congress to transfer another $500 million from Pentagon money to the effort, meaning the U.S. could end up devoting $1 billion to contain the outbreak.