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Maoist chief has a bounty more than Dawood

New Delhi, Sep 16 (): India has rated Mupulla Lakshmana Rao aka Ganapathy, the head of Maoist, as the most wanted man, offering a total bounty of Rs 2.52 crore for his head. This makes Dawood Ibrahim the man with the least bounty.

India had put Rs 25 lakh as bounty for Dawood after the Mumbai blasts. Dawood fled to Dubai to resurface in Karachi and then shift back to the Gulf country as NSA Ajit Doval was getting close to his hideout.

Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh have offered Rs 1 crore each and Andhra Rs 25 lakh, Jharakhand 12 lakh and NIA Rs 15 lakh as bounty for Ganapathy. India has put Rs 1 crore each as bounty for 21 committee members of the Maoists.

Sources say that many State police who are battling Maoists across India are offering anything about Rs 15 Lakh for inside information on the whereabouts and activities. This itself will totally come to nearly Rs 25 crores, say sources.

India government has put in a package by which Maoists who surrender get around Rs 2.5 lakh and for lesser ranked men it is Rs 1 lakh less. If they came in with weapons, India will give them Rs 25,000 more. The earlier price was Rs 10,000 for a Maoist who is surrounded.

Last year, under this scheme put out by India, 283 Maoists laid down arms. Indian government now offers Rs 4000 per month to Maoists who surrender and by now itself the number of reds who surrendered has crossed last year’s figure.

Hafiz Sayeed who masterminded the Mumbai attack has no reward declared by India while US has put $1 billion on his head as he heads the Lashkar e Taiba terrorist outfit.

Iqbal, Riyaz Bhatkal and Reza Khan who are founders of Indian Mujahaideen are having a bounty of Rs 25 lakh each. The bounty sum offered for Dawood by Maharashtra government and CBI in 1993 has not been revised. Since 2005, India has been fighting the Maoists in almost 14 states.