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Gaza residents struggle to rebuild lives after 50-day war

Gaza, Sep 15 (): Israel and Gaza are calm now, but after having a 50-day war in which thousands have been killed and half a million people displaced, the residents of Gaza are struggling to rebuild their lives in the city.

The United Nations has estimated that it would take many years and billions of dollars will be needed to rebuild what was devastated by the airstrikes of Israel, including critical infrastructure and entire neighbourhoods.

Nearly half million children of Gaza made a late return to their schools on Sunday. The Education Ministry official of Gaza, Ziad Thabet, said the opening of schools is for 230,000 students from 1st to 12th graders attending public schools and other 200,000 students were going to United Nations-run schools and 10,000 were enrolled in private institutions.

The opening of this school year had been postponed for three weeks as of the damage caused to over 250 schools and use of nearly 90 U.N. educational services as housings for many thousands of inhabitants moved by fighting, local authorities and the United Nations said.

Apart from the school children, the survivors of the Gaza city face the task of reconstructing their lives and their homes. A UN spokesman in Gaza said that they needed financial support and sources. He said that they were talking about reconstructing the city but actually what they needed at this time is the financial sources to begin with the temporary maintenance.

The Gaza war, that is the third war in just more than five years has left over 2,100 Palestinians dead, the majority of them citizens, including children, according to U.N. officials and Palestinian officials. Israel says the number of activists killed was much higher and indicts Hamas of making use of civilians as human protections. On the Israeli side, six civilians and 66 soldiers were killed. The fighting concluded with an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire on August 26.