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Hindi imposition in Tamil Nadu University sparks row

Chennai,Sep 14 (): Hindi imposition in Tamil Nadu colleges by the Union government has become an issue for political parties in the State.

A circular from Union Home ministry’s language department sent to Universities says that Law and Commerce should be taught in Hindi also and that by September 29, the university should inform about the steps taken to implement the circular. It further says Universities should have Hindi along with English as main subjects. The circular was issued due to a meeting of Central Hindi committee which was chaired in 2011 by Dr Manmohan Singh. The decision taken then was lying in the files.

As Modi ministry had decided to clear backlog of decisions taken by UPA, the circular got a lease of life. It has put Universities in Tamil Nadu that teach law and commerce in a fix. Other Universities have Hindi as second language but not as main subject. This circular comes at a time when Dravidian parties are demanding to make Tamil compulsory learning in schools.

PMK, DMK and Congress have already questioned the need for Union Ministry to impose Hindi on Tamil Nadu and wanted to know whether it had the State government concurrence. Academicians have come forward to oppose.

Madras VC who is yet to see the circular imposing Hindi in courses has said that this move will be opposed. AIADMK is yet to react to the circular. This comes after a strong protest erupted on a directive to schools managed by CBSE to conduct Sanskrit week. It was later made optional. Tamil Nadu BJP has said that it too will resist imposing Hindi.

Meanwhile,as Jayalalithaa started her campaign tour for Municipal by-polls and Mayor elections in some cities, BJP candidates are joining AIADMK and posing for photos with AIADMK party chief.

As DMK and Congress have boycotted the polls, BJP is now asking arch rivals to extend support to their beleaguered candidates who are facing the muscle and money power of AIADMK.