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Pollution of Krishna river plagues AP capital

Vijayawada,Sep 13 (): Krishna river will face the same pollution problem that Musi in Hyderabad and Ganga in Varanasi, say environmentalists.

Andhra capital committee of the State government had announced the location of a capital city on banks of Krishna river. Environmentalists say that the drainage will have to be directed into Krishna river. The city canals will have to let waste into the Krishna river and the only way out is that a parallel city canal has to be built and the city should be atleast one kilometre away from the river. If the care is not taken to see that Krishna river is not polluted then the government will have to later on find out crore of rupees to clean up like it is happening in Varanasi.

Already, opposition has mounted on the move to construct a centre in Bhavani island located in the middle of Krishna river on the grounds that it will pollute the waterway. Criticism has been that the urban development minister and panel to select model cities is visiting many places but they are not going into the pollution aspect of these cities.

The mere urban aspect of roads and structures as well as connectivity will not make a capital but the pollution generated from these cities should also be recorded. The capital coming upstream of Prakash barrage will have no way but to release waste into the Krishna river and the waste should be treated. Pollution Board and Irrigation department too have taken this view.

Andhra capital temporary shifted to Vijayawada before the new buildings come up has resistance from employees’ union. IAS officers and secretaries are told to shift. Secretaries who have only two or three years to retire are not willing to go and other staff say that rents in Vijayawada are more and most of them are staying in government quarters.

In Vijayawada, they will not be able to get houses within the house rent allowance. Unions are planning to meet the CM on this issue and suggest that the staff could move for few days a month.