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Nearly 20,000 couples allowed to have second child in Beijing

Beijing, Sep 8 (): About 20,000 couples from China have been given permission to have their second child since the capital city of China made a relaxation in its family planning program in February.

Statistics that were released by Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning on Sunday says totally 21,249 couples had filed in for birth applications till the end of August; among them 19,363 couples have been granted the permit, reports from Xinhua said.

The commission said of those couples granted permits, nearly 56 percent of the women were aged between 31-35 years. It also stated that 537 women were also given permits, who are aged above 40.

Towards the end of  last year, China relaxed its one-child policy followed for many decades. The policy was planned to control population growth.

Many of the provinces in China have permitted couples to have a second child if either parent is an only child. China decided to give a relaxation to its policy as the country needed to cope with an ageing population and the declining labour force.

Demographic experts had stated that relaxing its one-child policy will help to promote a stable population growth in the country. When the country strictly followed the one-child policy, many couples those who reside particularly in the countryside of China have done abortions as they wished to have boys to girls.

In 2010, such actions led to an extensive gender gap with only 100 female births for every 118 male births. Demographers say, by the end of the decade, China will have 24 million “leftover men” who, because of gender imbalance of China, will not be able to find a wife. Also by 2050, more than a quarter of the population will be over 65.

China introduced its one-child policy at the end of the 1970s. The changes in the policy were made after having a six-day meeting of the congress of top Communist Party officials in November, 2013.