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Andhra’s rising son is Nara Lokesh Naidu

Vijayawada,Sep 8 (): Andhra’s rising decision maker is Lokesh Naidu, son of CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Nara Lokesh, the son of Andhra CM is the vital link between the Telegu Desam (TD) and the government. He now operates from the TD HQ and interacts with party workers and elected representatives and gets their views recorded on various issues including the formation of the capital.

Lokesh’s day starts as early as 9 am when he sits with the core team to discuss the issues and topics that the media has raised in the morning newspapers. This team handpicked by him was with him in the TD election campaign.

After this, he meets the TD workers and public to gather their views and complaints. As a first step, Lokesh has put in a move where Andhra’s TD office bearers right up to mandals will get Tablets through which they will get messages from the party HQ.

In turn, they will have to inform all developments in their area through the Tablet to party HQ. Lokesh finishes his party meet by 9 pm and then interacts with his father at home. Party sources say that this has come as a welcome relief to Andhra CM who had the dual job of looking after the government and party.

In another development, farmers in Mangalagiri have agreed to give their lands to Andhra government under the pooling system but want the terms to be revised by which they hold 60% share.

Andhra government has offered them 40% share. Apart from this, farmers who own less than 2 acre lands have asked for a reasonable price for land and a government job.

Though Vijayawada and suburbs are witnessing demand for land, Mangalagiri is not. On the sidelines, the Andhra government is to let a few poets to suggest names for the new capital city. Andhra’s temples and agricultural committees will see around three lakh TD members being posted as the existing ones have been disbanded.