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Poonam Pandey signs second film

Mumbai, Sep 7 (): Poonam Pandey has signed her second film and is now all set to start the shooting for the film. The glamorous actress made her debut in Bollywood with Nasha in 2013.

Confirming the news, Poonam Pandey said she had signed her second film that is being financed by The World Networks and the film is the first venture of the production house.

Poonam said that she had rejected many scripts after her first film Nasha. She added saying like this would sound like feeling proud, but, when the members of The World Networks team met her and told about the offer, she automatically came to knew it was the exact project as her second movie.

Nasha did not do much good to the actress because it was marketed very poorly. Now, the actress is very confident that these producers would take her film anywhere it is intended to get released.

When Poonam was asked whether the script of the film has a lot of skin show, she said that her fans would not be disappointed. Above all, apart from showing the skin in the film, it also has much more features. The story of the film has a very delicate subject. And she did not reveal anything more than this.

Kumar MG, The World Networks’ managing director said Poonam continued to storm internet and they were prompted to sign a three film agreement with the actress. He said in the coming two years they would be releasing about five films. Kumar assures that Poonam is a talented actress and with right promotions and right script she could definitely break records at box office that could easily take her into 100 crore club.

The model-actress first took hold of the interest of the public eye when she promised to strip down if India won the World Cup in 2011.