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Now, pizzas that ‘legally’ help you get ‘high’!

London, Sept 1 (ANI): Pizzas spiked with chemicals that can get people high is becoming a trend among pizzerias across the UK and in the north of England in particular.

‘Legal high’, which mimic the effects of illegal narcotics such as cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy, are untested and unclassified drugs that could have serious and unpredictable effects on users, the Daily star reported.

A drug misuse worker has said that there is one pizzeria in central Newcastle that has been accused of actively promoting chemicals as added toppings and it is very worrying given that there is often not enough research about legal highs to know about their potency, adverse effects from human consumption, or when used with other substances or alcohol.

The takeaway shop came under fire in 2011 after it was accused of supplying legal highs to a 21-year-old woman with her food, which left her fighting for her life in hospital after she collapsed outside the shop just 30 seconds after she ingested the substance. (ANI)