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Israeli Ambassador meets Rajnath, discusses anti-terror agreement

New Delhi, Aug. 29 (ANI): Israeli Ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon, met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh here on Friday to discuss the implementation of the anti-terrorism agreement between the two countries, which was signed earlier this year.

“We discussed issues of mutual concern and about our common values and challenges. We also discussed how we could implement the anti-terrorism agreement, which was signed a few months back,” he said.

Carmon also discussed the terror concerns in the world through groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

“We believe that ISIS would be a challenge to the world. ISIS is a danger to the free world of which India and Israel are parts,” he said.

Enjoying great bilateral ties, India is the largest customer of Israeli military equipment in the world. Also, Israel is one of India’s largest military partners. (ANI)