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Rajnath’s son pays for his father’s `popularity’

New Delhi,Aug28 (): Rajnath Singh’s son according to sources in the BJP is paying the price for his father’s politics.

Rajnath has more enemies than friends within the party despite being a CM and party president before becoming the Home Minister.

One allegation against him is that he has been using the Delhi police intelligence outfit to spy on his rivals in BJP and on other ministers.

Many a minister had to bear the brunt of Modi’s wrath when they were seen with industrialists or middlemen. These meetings were recorded by the IB and it was conveyed to PMO by the HM.

As Rajnath was planning on one side the downfall of his rivals, his son was under the scanner by them.

After a few postings of police officers and that too who were known for their pro Congress stance, the move was brought up in the UP BJP unit to foil the chances of Rajnath’s son getting a ticket for Noida bypoll.

As the rivals made a strong pitch, Rajnath made a move that could have cost his job. Instead of going to Amit Shah or Modi, he went to the RSS. Mohan Bhagwat the RSS chief was already briefed by Shah about the hyperactivity of the Home Minister’s son. This move boomeranged against Rajnath and his son was back to square one.

Rejection by his father’s rivals is nothing new for Pankaj Singh. Rajnath’s son Pankaj had faced several moments when he was shown the door mainly because of the hatred that his father has gathered over the years. His bid to be the youth wing Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) president’s post was shot down. In the 2007 UP Assembly election, his name was announced for Chiraigaon seat in Varanasi but he withdrew due to stiff opposition from some BJP’s UP leaders even though Rajnath was BJP’s President at that time. In 2012 Assembly poll, he did not get the ticket from Noida , and now his name has been rejected for the by-election.
Many in the BJP camp say that Rajnath Singh, a Thakur by caste has no friends within the party, Kalyan Singh, ex UP CM, Tandon ex Lucknow MP , senior Kurmi leader Om Prakash Singh and Union minister Kalraj Mishra are among the list of those who were victims of Rajnath’s politics. During his brief rule as CM, he saw to it that no leader from East UP emerged as it was his home turf. He lorded over the state and was surrounded by a Thakur lobby. Tandon in 2009 vacated his Lok Sabha seat for his son but Rajnath gave it to a party rebel. When in the 2014 elections came, Tandon who wanted to contest from Lucknow was elbowed out as Rajnath made an unilateral decision to stand from that constituency.

Kalyan Singh’s effort to get a seat for his son was checkmated and the inclusion of Mishra in the cabinet was strongly opposed. Modi and Shah who had been studying the man’s Machiavellian politics gave him a plum portfolio that lords over the IPS and internal security but with a rider that even a personal security guard cannot be of his choice.