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Indian Army fighting on emptying ammo stocks

New Delhi,Aug25(): Indian Army is being put to test by Pakistan as it has ammunition to last only for 20 days in a normal war like situation. Pakistan extended the shelling from 20 to 40 civilian areas within J&K civilian areas. War Wastage Reserve position was declared in March 2014 and it continues to be the same even now. This pathetic situation brought about by UPA’s defense minister A K Antony who placed his Mr. Clean image above India’s safety, if a war were to break out has been exploited to the hilt by Pakistan by provoking Indian Army to use the ammunition in countering the shelling.

Pakistan extended the shelling to 40 more areas as it knows that Indian Army cannot take on a fully fledged fight as it does not have night fighting capabilities, operational gaps in howitzer, helicopters, anti tank missiles and air defense has put the new assault by Pakistan for the Indian Army in a tough predicament that it had raised several times with the defense ministry. The situation prevailing in LOC uses four times more ammo than a general war situation.

NDA minister Arun Jaitley after taking charge as defense minister put in a plan to raise the war wastage reserves of Indian army to be at 50% which means ammo for 20 days of intense war and for training till 2015 and in second phase the ammo limit will be increased to 40 days by 2019. Around Rs19,000 crores has been sanctioned for phase one . Normally a nation stocks a war wastage reserve for 40 days. Though huge contracts were signed, Indian army ammo stockpile has not increased since it takes time to meet the demands.

For phase two ,Indian army needs Rs90,000 crores. NDA has inked a Rs 1964 crores deal for anti tank missiles and procuring tanks . For Indian Army the second largest in the World with 11 lakh soldiers and 39,000 officers according to defense analysts needs much more than this. A new mountain corps with 90,000 soldiers located at West Bengal is being raised at a cost of Rs90,000 crore and will be ready only in 2015-2016.