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Singhvi takes on Modi Govt. after Maharashtra Governor resigns, refuses to go to Mizoram

New Delhi, Aug 24 (ANI): With Maharashtra Governor K Sankaranarayanan resigning from his post hours after being transferred to Mizoram, Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Sunday criticized Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre and said it is bent upon using oblique methodologies to ensure that the Governors vacate their posts.

“I think every self-respecting Governor who is treated shabbily will take this action. It is of course unfortunate that the Central Government wants Governors to take this action so that they are able to find vacant slots. I don’t think this is at all proper. I don’t think this is at all bonafide. I don’t think this is at all in keeping with the constitutional culture of the country for decades,” said Singhvi.

“Humiliating, needling, punishing, harassing Governors is not the job of the Central Government. It is…against all norms, principles and the spirit of the Constitution but the Modi government is bent upon using oblique methodologies to ensure that the Governors vacate their posts,” he added.

Sankaranarayanan, who resigned as the Governor of Maharashtra today, categorically said that he would not go to Mizoram.

An official release by President Pranab Mukherjee’s office earlier in the day stated that Sankaranarayanan had been transferred to Mizoram for the remainder of his term as Governor.

Stating emphatically that it was impossible for him to go to Mizoram, Sankaranarayanan said that he was resigning from his post.

“I have sent my resignation to the honourable President of India. The reason you know very well; it is not important to explain,” he told the media in Mumbai.

“As Governor, I never played politics, and I was friendly with all the political parties, including the BJP, but from today, I will have politics,” he added.

Sankaranarayanan further said, “There might be many reasons why I resigned but I cannot say anything because I feel that I have to honour the Constitution. From tomorrow, I am a free citizen.”

According to reports, Sankaranarayanan had earlier threatened to put in his resignation if transferred, stating that he would no longer wish to be a Governor bearing the “disgrace of being transferred”. (ANI)