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UN : Death toll from Syrian civil war tops 191,000

Geneva, Aug 23 (): The United Nations rights chief Navi Pillay stated on Friday 191,369 men, women and children have been killed between March 2011 and end-April 2014 in Syria. The high death toll is a reproduction of the violence caused due to the conflict going on in Syria, which has changed into a multi-layered, complex war where several factions fight with each other.

The figure is given after the new analysis done for the United Nations. The number is a significant rise on the previous update delivered by the UN, but even so it is said the figure is perhaps less than the exact number of those killed.

Pillay stated the figure given out is the death toll that happened between March 2011 when the war started and April of this year. She said it was almost double the number specified a year ago, and was probably an underestimate.

The new figure given by United Nations is centered on the analysis of the 318,910 reported slaughters, in which names of the victims, as well as location and date of the death were documented.

The United Nations’ report was based on information from four different observing groups and the Syrian government which was then cross-checked.

From the figures, we come to know the largest figure of documented slaughters was in Damascus countryside, which had 39,393 deaths, with next highest figures recorded in Aleppo with 31,932, and Homs with just over 28,000.

Among the victims, 9.3 percent were female and 85 percent of them were male. The records show at least 8,800 children have been killed, although the age of most of the victims is unknown. The analysis was not able to differentiate between fighters and civilians, the United Nations said.

Syria’s opposition groups have been fighting for more than three years with President Bashar al-Assad, but have lost ground in recent months.