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Telangana land survey to target Seemandhra land grabbers

Hyderabad,Aug 23 (): Telangana ministry is all set to launch a land survey to weed out encroachers.

If the survey to list out households in Telangana state created a scare in the residents, the land survey will send shivers down the spines of the TDP and Congress leaders and their benamis who usurped government lands and created documents to prove that they belonged to them.

Movie stars, many MPs and MLAs of Congress and TDP who were in power had encroached on government properties and temples as well as WAKF land. District Collectors of Telangana have given report that 12,700 acres of land valued at Rs 60,500 crore have been encroached by private individuals. This is a modest figure given by the Telangana district Collectors. The survey would throw open the land scams conducted by Congress and TDP regimes.

Telangana CM has got reports that at first estimate around Rs 35,000 crore worth land totalling 411 acres in the capital were encroached. A special cell in Telangana CM office is coordinating with Collectors on this issue. Nizam Government had last conducted the land survey in 1938.

The survey will identify the land encroachers after Diwali and initiate action to take back the usurped land. Telangana had said that the control over police had been given to Governor to thwart the taking back of government land usurped by Seemandhra leaders. These leaders facilitated illegal colonies that were demolished with police protection.

KCR has decided to put all the Seemanandhra heavyweights in Telangana on the mat as bigwigs starting from movie stars who turned MPs having got land from government by political pressure and officials regularizing it.

In a compromise, BJP, an ally of TDP has said that Governor will use his special powers only if Telangana ministry does unreasonable acts which means if it acts against Seemandhra’s land encroachers it will act as it issued directions when illegal colonies where Seemandhra origin persons were staying.