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Rahul Gandhi still Congress best bet, says poll

New Delhi, Aug 22 (): Rajiv Gandhi is most suited to lead Congress and not Priyanka; the victory of NDA is not because of UPA’s failure but due to Modi. These are the many interesting findings revealed through India Today-Hansa survey conducted across the country.

63% of Muslims feel that Modi is not communal but represents good governance and development. It is also the fact that Modi becoming PM has not boosted Hindu communalism. Though RSS claimed that it was behind the victory and not Modi alone, those who were surveyed said that their vote for BJP was because of Modi.

Majority felt that Modi was honest and second was Sonia Gandhi, followed by Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. Even though many Congress leaders feel that Rahul Gandhi was a failure, respondents felt that Congress’ best bet is him as PM candidate and second came Sonia followed by Kamal Nath.

An overwhelming 60% of respondents said that Priyanka should not replace Rahul Gandhi as Congress leader. This is in sharp contrast to the call for Priyanka to lead from the front instead of Rahul Gandhi.

48% of those surveyed felt that Congress should get Opposition leader post while 42% was against it. After three months of NDA, its popularity among the masses has risen by 4% and if elections are conducted it would get 354 seats instead of 335 it has while UPA will lose 2 seats with a drop of 0.2 % share.

BJP individually has gained in popularity after the Modi government came to power with a 9.1% swing while Congress has 1.2% swing.

The public in large numbers termed Pakistan as the biggest enemy to security and Maoists as second and NE militants as third threat. The public felt that Modi has made NDA ministers irrelevant and that he was not controlled by RSS. Majority said that Amit Shah would do good for the party and some said it was Modi’s way of controlling the party.