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Indonesia’s Constitutional Court upholds Widodo’s electoral victory

Jakarta, Aug 22 (): After uncertainty prevailing for more than a month, the Constitutional Court of Indonesia has upheld the results of the official election, clearing way for the Governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo to take over as the next head of Indonesia.

The court rejected the allegations of fraud of Widodo’s challenger, and now, Joko Widodo will become the next president of Indonesia thus concluding the most troublesome leadership competition since the country’s return to democracy.

Widodo’s 8.4-million-vote victory in the election held last month was upheld by the constitutional court over Suharto-era general Prabowo Subianto. The 4,300-page verdict was delivered in over six hours and in the verdict it was stated that there was no indication to support statements of massive, systematic and structured fraud. When the verdict was read out, police were so alert and was firing tear gas to keep the supporters of Prabowo away from the court house.

Last month, the Elections Commission declared Widodo as the winner after receiving more than 53 percent of the votes or nearly 8.5 million votes. But, Widodo’s challenger, former general Prabowo Subianto believed the election was spoiled by widespread cheating.

Finally, in the verdict Constitutional Court Chief Hamdan Zoelva read out, “The court rejects … all applications from the applicant (Prabowo) by all nine judges”. The losing Indonesian presidential contender, Prabowo Subianto accepted the final decision of the Constitutional Court.

After the ruling, the 53-year-old Widodo has to move forward to do all need for the arrangements to take over the presidency in October. He is on the verge to improve an economy that rose in the second quarter at its slowest pace since 2009.

Widodo, owner of a furniture company entered politics in 2005 for the first time. He has to find way to bring together a fractured constituency in the third-largest democracy of the world and build his coalition’s minority in parliament.