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Select ex-UPA ministers’ bungalows in demand by NDA

New Delhi, Aug 21 (): UPA ministers who had a penchant for living life king-size have done a good deed for NDA . Their inheritors now occupy Lutyens’ bungalows that have been done up according to the rich taste of the UPA ministers and this has been worth a long wait.

Chiranjeevi, the Telugu Megastar who floated his own party and later merged it with Congress was rewarded with a berth in the union ministry and was made minister of tourism. He was allotted a bungalow in Akbar Road. CPWD who maintains government properties say that the UPA minister demands for renovation of his official house that cost them Rs 3 crore.

Chiranjeevi wanted the house to be on par with his star status. Designer bathroom, imported wood and marble and chandeliers made the house look like a megastar house. Though the megastar and ex-UPA minister who is also Rajya Sabha MP has not vacated the house, it has been allotted to Home Minister Rajnath Singh. If Chiranjeevi does not vacate by August-end then he will be evicted.

Ex-UPA Telecom minister Maran’s house is another one that is upgraded often and now occupied by Uma Bharti.

Most sought after house was ex-law minister Kapil Sibal’s bungalow. HRD minister Smriti Irani and commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman both wanted it. Finally,it was allotted to petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

UPA’s pet scheme UIDAI chairman Nandan’s house done in style has been given to civil aviation MOS Sideshwara. 45 ex-UPA MPs are still to vacate the bungalows.

Maneka Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj and Venkaiah Naidu who were MPs in previous LS retained the same house even after becoming ministers. Antony shifted to a smaller house even though as defense minister in UPA ministry can continue to stay in the same house. Kapil Sibal, the Law Minister in UPA ministry shifted to a house whose house rental was a topic of discussion in media.