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Rajiv Gandhi assassination a contract killing?

Chennai,Aug 21 (): Rajiv Gandhi killing is a contract killing, says author Faraz Ahmad whose book, ‘Rajiv Gandhi assassination : An inside job’ was released by Govindacharya, a veteran RSS ideologue.

The author was a prosecution witness in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case as he had spoken to Sivarasan at the ground where the belt bomb was set on. The author told a daily that though he had no doubt that the persons involved in the killing were LTTE but the organization had no serious motive in killing the Congress leader and says it looked more like a contract killing. He said that the insider job theory cannot be dismissed.

The author had gone through many available commission reports to write the book and interpret them. The author says that the appointment of Karthikeyan as SIT chief to probe the Rajiv Gandhi assassination was more to cover up many things and his closeness to Gandhi family could have made him the investigator. The real authors are elsewhere and that the assassination was more of a contract killing done for them. The author says that he pointed out many gaps in the SIT findings and the team was not willing to go behind those who were the masterminds.

The author said at the TADA court, the 23 accused were a terrified lot and only Murugan had an amused look as he felt it was a farce. He said that a battery of lawyers tested their skills on him.

A former SIT man told him that it would be interesting to know about the conversation between Nalini and Priyanka Gandhi in 2008 at Vellore prison and it could probably throw more light on the Rajiv Gandhi assassination.

Natwar Singh too in his book had told about a mole in the Rajiv Gandhi office that was behind the assassination. Rajiv Gandhi’s 70th birth anniversary was celebrated by Congress.

Shihan Hussaini, a karate exponent painted a portrait of Sri Lanka premier Rajapaksa in pig’s blood and called it Rajapakapigse. As it went viral, the Animal Welfare Board has termed it cruelty to pigs and is initiating action.

Hussaini says that his hatred to Rajapaksa was high; he bought blood from a pig slaughter-house and that he did not kill any pig and it was painful to use a swine’s blood as he is a Muslim,said