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Japan’s Sakari Momoi oldest living man, aged 111 years and 196 days

Tokyo, Aug 21 (): A 111-year-old man from Japan has been officially certified as the world’s oldest living man by the Guinness Book of World Records on Wednesday at a ceremony.

The 111-year-old man, Sakari Momoi, is a retired Japanese educator who enjoys poetry. He succeeds the previous record holder Alexander Imich, an American chemist of New York, who died at the age of 111 years, 164 days in June.

The oldest living woman of the world is also from Japan – Misao Okawa, a 116-year-old woman from Osaka.

Born on Feb. 5, 1903, in Fukushima prefecture, Mr. Momoi is only one day younger tham Dr. Imich. He was a teacher in the beginning and after World War II, he moved to the Saitama city, in north Tokyo, and served as a high school principal there until retirement. In 1928, he married (late) Ms. Tamiko and had 5 children. Guinness Book of World Records said it confirmed the birth date of Momoi through his employment data and birth certificate.

Momoi has some hearing problems but he is in good shape and lives in a nursing-home-style hospital in Tokyo.

For the Guinness Book of World Records certification ceremony, Momoi looked majestic in his dark suit and silver tie. He had combed his white hair neatly back. He stood up from his wheelchair and moved to a chair next to it with little assistance.

When asked how he felt about the record, Momoi pushed his back upright and said he wants to live longer. He wishes to live for another two years,he said.

Momoi said he enjoys reading books and likes to spend his days reading Chinese poetry. Before the death of his wife, he used to enjoy traveling with his wife around Japan. His family is now, very pleased with the record, but requests for the peaceful atmosphere for their father.